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Greystone Digital FX is the brain-child of Sean Hattingh whom has been in the video production industry since 1998.

Co-founded with his brother in the United Kingdom, Greystone has worked on productions throughout Europe, Malawi, and Lesotho as well as in their native home of Zimbabwe. A provider of high quality video editing and post-production services for films, documentaries, television commercials, as well as location sound and including a wide range of audio production services, such as audio post-production for films and television productions.

Documentaries, commercials; including studio recording and mixing for voice-overs for radio commercials, event sound mixes, in-store and telephone on hold productions. Animation, both 2D and 3D are on the menu as well as digital compositing and visual effects.

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Audio Capture Project:

Malawi/Lesotho Safaids Documentary

Sean travelled to Malawi and Lesotho providing location sound services for this documentary in various locations across both countries, from the offices of relevant officials and representatives including the office of the King of Lesotho's brother, to remote rural areas and villages.

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Filming Project:

Battle of the Chefs: Harare

Sean contributed to the launch of the Zimbabwean television series Battle of the Chefs, where he provided services that included Lead Camera, Location-Audio, Audio post-production (including providing theme music tracks for season 1) and animation for all 13 episodes of season 1, as well as editing the video for 3 of the episodes, one of them being the semifinal episode – key promotional /pitch episode, as well as the climactic final episode.

Sean created this promo video for the launch of Battle of the Chefs (Season 1), which he edited using footage he shot, provided the sound mix incl theme music, as well as the motion graphics.

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Editing/Audio Project:

Boma TV Commercial

Sean edited Africa Albida tourism “Boma” television commercial to the pace of the music (which he provided), well as sourced and selected the voice-over artist, recorded and mixed in the voiceover into the commercial and animated the motion graphics.

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Filming/Animation Project:

Climate change adaptation documentary

Sean was responsible for shooting much of the footage for this documentary, as well as capturing the crisp, clear location audio, and also provided the various 2D animations for the documentary with animations illustrating seasons, locations, soil erosion etc.

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Audio Capture Project:


Sean provided location audio of the interviewee for this Econet Connected-Car television commercial, which involved recording sync-sound to a standalone recording unit as requested by the client, using top of the range professional, broadcast quality microphones.

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Audio/Animation Project:


Sean provided crisp, clean location audio at numerous somewhat challenging locations for the different scenes for this POSB television commercial as well as the reconstruction and animation of the plastic card at the end of the commercial.

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Kariba Tiger Tournament 2018

Sean was part of a two man camera crew for a period of three days, shooting the Kariba Invitation Tiger Fish Tournament 2018 at lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. Sean also provided the editing/post-production services.

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